Interesting fact...

Many know of Bishop Athanasius Schneider and his book 'Dominus Est' (It is the Lord), for its defence and promotion of the ordinary method of receiving Holy Communion i.e. Kneeling and on the tougue.

What you may not know is that he influenced the Holy Father himself:

"The Bishop ultimately decided to write a book defending the traditional way of receiving Holy Communion, and when the work was finished he gave a manuscript to the Holy Father. The Pope wrote back to the Bishop praising the work and his accuracy of knowledge of the patristics.

Bishop Schneider told he had also asked the Pope to stop distributing Communion in the hand in Papal Masses, and even if the Pope's answer was supportive it was not certain that it would happen. But since only a few months later, all communicants have been asked to receive Holy Communion from the Pope only kneeling and on the tongue. A true miracle, says Bishop Schneider."

(HT to Rorate Coeli)

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